Three Ways to Honor Dr. King's Legacy

There is no doubt that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. lived a life of purpose with generational impact. In many ways, we are living in a time that bears the fruit of his God-given dream.

In response, I believe that we all have the opportunity and responsibility to carry on MLK’s legacy and build upon the foundation of his life. Today I am sharing three practical ways in which we can do this as we celebrate his life of service, love and courage.

1. Courageously Pursue Your God-given dream

What has God spoken to you about that has the potential to impact others and go beyond your life span? Now is the time to go after it, sis. In MLK, we see the example of someone who passionately and courageously pursued the mission God placed him in this earth to fulfill. In spite of the threats, the hatred, the risks, and the pressure I can only imagine that it put on his young family, he marched on. He loved on. He carried on until the day he went home to Jesus.

We must continue to live aware of our life’s mission and daily be intentional about taking the bold steps of faith to follow Christ’s calling. There are so many people, some who we may never meet, who are connected to our purpose. I believe that as we seek God and act in daily obedience to Him, we will fulfill our God-given dream.

2. Cultivate & Celebrate Diverse Relationships

This is very very very important to me, and my prayer is that it is always reflected in LYBM with intentionality and love. MLK spoke of and led a movement that celebrated the beauty of diversity and equality. Where people of all races could commune together and not be judged “by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Having relationships with people of different races may seem uncomfortable, but it is vitally important to the health of our communities.

So practically speaking, take inventory of your friendships this week. Are you cultivating relationships with people of other races? Or do all your friends in every picture on social media look just like you? If so, take steps outside of your comfort zone to get to know people from other diverse backgrounds. Celebrate and respect the differences. Sit, listen and learn from others. Try a restaurant from a different culture (Check out Yelp!). Or invite a diverse group of friends to your home for dinner and ask each person to bring a culture-specific dish that everyone can try and give time for everyone to share on their specific culture! There are so many ways to cultivate and celebrate diverse relationships. It just takes intentionality!

3. Serve Your Community

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'“ - Dr. MLK

The common thread I see throughout Dr. King’s life was his unrelenting service of others. Not only as a husband and father, reverend and leader, but as a devoted public citizen. He lived a life of service to others, even those who hated him. (Sometimes when I read the stories of how he responded in the face of adversity it leaves me speechless.) In our generation today, we can follow his example by committing to a lifestyle of service. From volunteering within your local church to serving in your community, we have the responsibility to show the love of Jesus through our actions and not merely our words.

Well, I pray that you truly are inspired to action after reading this. I’ve shared from my heart and what I believe are practical ways we can not only honor Dr. King’s legacy, but God’s Word.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas from today’s post. Please share in the comments section below!

Emonne Markland

Founder, Leave Your Beauty Mark