Celebrating 1 Year of Leave Your Beauty Mark

Have you ever had God give you a vision of something in your future, and yet you felt afraid of stepping into the vision?

That was me, and for years, I sat back with the vision of LYBM in my heart and was afraid to take a step into my dream. I felt unqualified. (Who was I to start an organization for young women? I'm not a pastor!) The timing never seemed right. (I just had a baby...and then...I just started working full time in a new field of work.)  I didn't know where to start. (How in the world do you even get registered to do all this? Where is the money gonna come from and who will even help me get everything done?) So many reasons to allow year after year to roll around without me extending my faith to move forward in the direction of God's vision. It's so easy to magnify our question marks and forget about the beauty marks God wants us to leave on the world!! Thankfully, God is patient with us through the process and sends us words of confirmation to help us along the way. It is only by His grace and strength that LYBM is here today, and I have learned so much through this process of stepping out in faith and leaving your comfort zone.  

Looking back on year 1 of LYBM, I am amazed at all that God did. The beautiful, purposeful friendships that have been formed at our monthly LYBM Coffee Connects. So many women have joined together in ministry and purpose as a result of our meetups. It's an answer to prayer! Community outreach at the North Texas Food Bank during Full on Faith week. Our amazing LYBM Voices contributors who have written articles to inspire and encourage us along the journey. Such a beautifully diverse group of women who aren't afraid to be transparent and share their hearts with others. The fact that we had a FREE conference, y'all! At the 20/20 LYBM Summit, we got our sight back, ignited our passion and allowed God to reawaken our dormant dreams. I will never forget it. The Envision 2016 vision board party in January helped us kick of the new year with momentum and physically create a vision for the year to keep before us. The list goes on, and there is still more to come. 

I want to personally thank all of you for being a part of this journey and for being so supportive along the way. To see so many of you going after your dreams and building valuable relationships with other women makes my heart leap on the inside. Be encouraged that you are making a difference. Your life does matter. You do have a God-given purpose to leave your beauty mark on the world. My prayer is that in year 2 of LYBM, we will continue to build upon where we've been and step into greater acts of service, confidence in identity and 20/20 vision. I believe that many of us are in a season of believing and reaping the harvest of seeds sown in times past. A lot of people didn't see the late night prayers, early morning workouts, sacrifices and tears, but God sees it. And He who sees in secret will reward in the open (Matthew 6:6). So don't give up! Let's make this second half of 2016 and 2nd year of LYBM one of the greatest of our lives! Great things are on the horizon for those who trust and believe God, and put their faith in action. I'm excited to be on this journey with you all and am cheering you on every step of the way. 


With Love,

Emonne Markland

Leave Your Beauty Mark