Created to Create

One of the beautiful things about creativity is the process. The artist’s hands become multicolored with paint colors amidst the completion of the finished work they envision within. The potter’s hands are plastered with clay as he forms a vessel. The writer sits at their computer screen and types, deletes, backspaces and starts over again until the words on screen communicate effectively. The storyboard on paper goes from a pencil sketch idea to a deeply moving video that impacts its viewers with a life-changing message.

As creatives, it gets messy along the way. Sometimes it seems like we’ll never get to the finished work. But I want to encourage you to embrace the process. The mess is part of the message! And within every moment that seems like a mistake there is a lesson to be learned. So don’t get down on yourself.  Keep pressing! You were created to create!

Think about this, the very first scripture in the Bible, “In the beginning, God created...” (Genesis 1:1) WOW! That blows my mind every time I stop and think about it. The creative process is the beginning of the Bible story. God taking what is dark, void, and without form filling it with light, life and beauty. And then later on in vs. 26 He said, “Let us make man in Our image...” We, as human beings, are are the crown of creation, created by a creative God to create beautiful things in His image! 


I hope this post encourages and motivates you to keep creating because you were born for this! And remember: your creativity isn’t just for you. It’s a talent you have been given to serve others.  I believe that the arts, when given to God for His purpose, can be sacred and eternally impactful tools to lead others to seek an even Higher beauty. So don’t hide your talents or doubt your ability! Leave your beauty mark of creativity! 


Tell me: Are you working on any creative projects this week? Let me know! The LYBM team is cheering you on!!


 Emonne Markland

Founder, Leave Your Beauty Mark