Our Mission

Leave Your a Beauty Mark (LYBM) is an organization committed to empowering women with resources and opportunities to grow spiritually and leave their mark in their communities and around the world. We believe that every woman has a unique gift that can make a difference for generations to come, and we exist to champion them every step of the way. Through empowerment events and media resources, as well as service opportunities, our goal is to see a generation of women thriving with purpose, active in service and celebrated in a community of like-minded leaders. We aim to help women connect to God, grow spiritually and influence the world from a place of wholeness and strength.


Our Vision

We see women from around the world as a beautiful and powerful collective force who are valuable members of our global society. Our vision is to equip and empower this generation of women to rise up in spiritual growth, using their gifts and talents to serve and bless others.

I see a generation of women from around the world, rising up in unity and in purpose.
— Emonne Markland, founder of LYBM

What we do

  • Online bible study resources to equip women to connect to God & grow spiritually (coming Fall 2018!)
  • Social media inspiration to provide encouragement along your daily life
  • Empowerment events to gather together for a time of equipping, community and vision development
  • Community service opportunities to give and serve with organizations making a difference